My heart bounced, my breath shortened, and a long, hard cry erected from my esophagus.Lying on the frigid, concrete parking lot forgetting about the success my volleyball team just had endured in a high school tournament, I felt nothing, I heard nothing, not even my cries or those of others.Thoughts raced through my head, what they were though, I still could not tell you.Huddled between the arms of my mother and that of my friends, we all groped in sorrow, feeling for a reason, an explanation, a justification.It was not found, not then nor now.The only thing left for us to find was memories and an everlasting lesson of life.

On September 21, 2002 the life of one of my best friends, Bethann Zagurasky was lost.The event was very tragic and both then and now sorrowful, however throughout the past weeks I have come to realize that Bethann has not left me simply with memories and pictures but something that has rocked my soul and forever influenced my life.Bethann has given me a lesson that could not have been taught by any means of books or teachers.She has taught me that in life one must not wait until tomorrow, live your dreams today.Bethannís death has awakened me to realize that life is so brutally short and in the time that I am privileged to be here I will make my life both meaningful and worthwhile.Although this tragic incident happened not too long ago I have dramatically been impacted and have already started to make better choices and not procrastinate until tomorrow.I will carry the lesson Bethann has taught me in my heart for eternity and I will adhere to the lesson Bethann has taught me in each and every day of my life.†† I will reach for the stars and give my all in whatever I will do because I know now that life is too precious to waste.

††††††††††††††† Although Bethannís time on Earth was short, her memories and spirit will live on for eternity.She has impacted me in a way like no other.She has also given me the strength and the desire to reach for the stars and never settle for average.I will remember Bethann in my heart for eternity, but more importantly I will not remember her death, I will remember the lesson that she has so graciously given me.It is because of Bethann that I will reach for the stars and strive for excellence.It is because of Bethann that I will not procrastinate until the next day and I will try my hardest at all times.It is because of Bethann that I will never ever stop reaching for and living my dreams.Thank you so much Bethann may your gracious heart forever rest in peace.