Bethann since you left me; my life has been so empty, I am devastated.
Memories of all the times we shared leave me distraught, feeling suffocated.
You were the best sister I could ever dream for, and so much more.
Your intelligence, your love for life, your energy, there was so much to adore.
But you were more than that to me; you were my best friend, my soul mate.
You were my companion, my side kick, Countless nights wed stay up late.
You would tell me all your problems and I would tell you mine
I never in a million years though that our relationship was going to run out of time.
I never thought Id lose you sis, the one I hold so dear to my heart.
I have a million emotions flowing within my lost soul; I dont know where to start.
Bethann you mean so much to me, I longed for your happiness, oh so bad.
I never wanted to see tears in your eyes, and my heart ached when you were sad.
You felt my pain and I felt yours, we had a bond that no one could understand.
No matter what situation arose, we had each others back, and we would take a stand.
Wed go to war for each other, because we loved each other so
I never thought I would have to say good bye to my lil sis, I refuse to let you go.
I wish I understood why you left; I wish that I just knew why?
I know I will only know that when we are reunited again, so here I sit and cry.
Bethann I feel like yelling out to you and I wish that you would just come home
I am so lonely, so empty, and so sorrowful, Sis now you are gone, I am all alone.
That is how I feel without you here; we spent all of our days together.
I dont want you to be gone, I want you to be here, and it was supposed to last forever.
You are my little sister, the joy of my life, the one I set out to keep safe.
Now you are gone, I wonder where I went wrong, and how I long for one last embrace
I find myself often staring at photos of us, especially the frame you gave me.
We had so many good times and we were so similar, you were my replica copy.
All the good times, all the special times shared, all the times no one would understand
We had the perfect bond between us, I am so lost, I am drowning in quick sand.
I just cant come to grips with you not being here Bethann, your life was far too young.
I know there was a reason God took you to Heaven, because you are the perfect one.
I sit here and think on all the memories to come, all the future times we had planned.
And I sit here and wait, and try to envision, seeing you again in the promise land.
Dont you worry Bethann, I will love you forever, not one memory will leave my side.
And I will be thinking about you every day my sis, and tell your stories with pride.
It is so incredibly hard for me to even fathom living this dreary life without you
My heart is crying and dying inside, I am lost Bethann and I dont know what to do.
I know you are in Heaven looking down on me now as I sit here and beg for you back
I am nothing without you here sis, and my Love and longing for you will never lack.
An on Christmas and Thanksgiving, on Easter and on Halloween too...
I can guarantee you one thing my angel, all I will be doing is thinking of you.
Bethann you gave me everything in a sister, a best friend and more, and I love you so.
If I could tell you one thing right now... This is what I would want you to know.
I love you with everything in me; I would trade my life right now for yours.
You are my best friend, you mean more to me than anything... there is so much more
You are an angel Bethann, always so perfect since birth.
All along we didnt know it, but you were our angel on earth.
We shared so many times, and sis I am grateful for all of them.
I hope you cherish them all in your heart as well... Until we are together again.
I love you so much Bethann, I miss you terribly.
Love your big bro - Jawn