Saturday October 5th I was sitting on my back patio. I looked down and saw an acorn. I found this to be a little odd since we do not have an acorn tree anywhere in my yard or the neighbors yards. I picked it up and set it on the patio table and did not think much more of it.
I am reading the book Bethann was reading, The Four Agreements Companion Book. On Tuesday October 7th I was on lunch break at home. I was reading and came to a passage in the book that I will quote, " Imagine the word as a seed with the potential to produce an entire field or forest of its own kind. Some seeds will create a beautiful field of flowers or an enchanted forest of trees; others will create a field of weeds or thistles. (Any seed such as an acorn can function as your symbol.)".
I thought WOW I have an acorn on the patio table. I went to get the acorn. I set it beside a picture of Bethann, My Mom, and Myself. By this time it I had to go back to work. After work I called my Mom to tell her about this acorn. She then informed me that there is an acorn tree at the cemetary by Bethann. She told me that the acorns were everywhere. My Mom said she had been collecting some of the acorns. I believe that Bethann our Beautiful Angel sent me this acorn to let me know that she is in Heaven and Happy. I think that she also wanted to convey the message of the "word". If you see an acorn - pick it up and think of our Angel Bethann.

Thank You Baby!!!!! I love you forever.