Since my wonderful little sister has passed away she has sent us all many signs to let us know that she is okay. Our angel sent me a sign the other day while I was sitting in my room. I was online with Jacki and was telling her how I hoped that Bethann was going to send me individually a sign soon. I called Jacki on the telephone and in minutes I looked up to see a perfect rainbow forming on my ceiling. I knew immediately that it was Bethann and proceeded to take pictures of this miracle that I was witnessing before my eyes. Thank you Bethann for sending yet another sign down from Heaven that you are okay. We all love you so much and miss you more then words can ever express. I know that you will remain by our sides until we are reunited my perfect sister. I love you so much Bethann and not a minute goes by that I am not thinking of you and all of the great times that we shared. Love Jawn