~God's Most Beautiful Cloud~

As I sit here and try to decipher what is real

I pray to God for it to be what I feel

Because you canít hold love in the palm of your hand

Too real not be true, to feel with all that I can

So I ask myself what is the truth

If itís what I feel in my heart, we still have you

If what they say is reality

Then you are and always will be with me

So I keep thinking youíre still around

Itís consolation in this feeling that I have found

Call me selfish but sometimes its not enough

I donít think itís fair that youíre too far away to touch

But if I believe in this faith I have discovered

Leaning on this revelation I have uncovered

The memory of you will forever remain clear

And everyday I live it is you I will hold most dear

To my heart and to my soul and my every glance to the above

For it was you, my friend, who taught us the meaning of love

I hope that everyday we make you proud

As you watch from the heavens from Godís most beautiful cloud