~God took you and broke our hearts the day you went away
And although we hoped so much, we know you couldn't stay
I still remember everything, your hair down to your toes
I know things about you that only best friends should know
I still keep thinking God will come down and make with us a pact
"Do this one thing for me girls, and I shall bring your Bethann back"
Yet I know this cannot happen, for it never has before
But if it could, I swear I would never hope for anything more
So many tears we've cried and this pain we feel hurts down to the bones
We feel as if you left us here feeling so alone
You give us signs and signals to tell us you're okay
But to tell the truth, we just want you to come back home today
Things don't feel the same, somehow they don't seem right
It is next to impossible to have fun going out at night
You were the light that shined so bright for everyone to see
Bethann I really hope you know how much you mean to me
So all I ask is for you to please watch over us all
And hold us back whenever you see us about to fall
Bethann, our Angel, you are so beautiful, girl
You are the brightest star in heaven, enough to light up the whole world~