My Best Friend Forever

Who would have known that Rugrats Live had started it all?
And the next night ended up in a three hour long phone call
From that point on, I knew you'd be my other half, my partner in crime
Bethann, no one could separate us, we were together all of the time!
Every day it would always be you and me
Everyone knew that, it was so easy to see
You came with me on vacation that summer to Myrtle Beach
Never did I think that today you would be so far out of reach
We spent the rest of that summer always together, side by side
From sleepovers and parties, to calling our parents for a ride
Then we were about to start high school-we were so scared
But we knew we had each other, so we were fully prepared
Every weekend started out on Friday at the football game
Or doing something else, it was me and you, all in the same
Soon before we knew it, Christmas was coming, we were so glad
There was the dance and us painting little kids faces for my dad
And then we spent that New Year's at Kelly's having a blast
I can't believe that was three years ago, it all went so fast
For the rest of 9th grade, we grew closer and we were inseparable
Some of the things we would do were so stupid it's inexpressible
I remember when Barb took us to Olive Garden for your birthday
I gave you our Best Friends charms, what more could they say?
Your half is with you, and mine will forever hang so close to my heart
It symbolizes to me that no matter how far; we are never really apart
And once again we went to Myrtle Beach, another week well spent
Matching our outfits and having so much fun everywhere we went
The rest of the summer we were together every single day
I am so thankful for that, more than words could ever say
Soon it was our 1st day of being sophomores, we thought we were so cool
Cuz we were no longer the youngest and your brother drove us to school
You were in my French and English classes, I felt so much better
I've kept everything you gave me, rereading every card and letter
For my 16th birthday, you gave me two things straight from your heart
A huge homemade card and jewelry box from which I will never part
"For My Best Friend Beth, Happy Birthday Love, Bethann" engraved on the lid
And you wanted me to hang the card on my wall, so that is just what I did
I remember all the football games to watch John in his last season
You looked up to him so much, you did everything to please him
And suddenly Christmas time had again quickly came
I still cannot believe that this year won't be the same
You were for everything, whatever it would be
And you'd be there forever, as far as I could see
As the year went on, we added more girls to our crew
Always together, always having fun, always staying true
Once again another school year had come and gone so fast
We already had millions of memories that would forever last
That summer blew by; I still think it was the funnest one by far
From Sandcastle on, we had a huge group with one shining star
We all went to Myrtle Beach again, and then with your family to Wrightsville
Making tons of memories, like the night with Jeff, and laughing about it still
Then soon before everyone knew it, we had started our junior year
Growing closer, and telling each other every thing we would hear
From sleepovers and dress-up to parties and late night talks about boys
And holding hands so we could fall asleep when we heard a scary noise
We told each other everything, all my secrets I knew you would keep
We knew together we could cross any mountain, no matter how steep
I can remember sleeping over on Sundays, even though it was a school night
Staying up, talking of things that bothered us and saying that it'd be all right
All along the way with us we had nine other wonderful girls
From the "Top 10" to becoming the infamous "Bloody Sexy Evils"
We had a bond in our group so close that it could not be broken
If anyone tried, we stuck together and they quickly were outspoken
But in our group, there was something about you that stood out and shined
You are so beautiful inside and out, someone we were truly blessed to find
Then there was the night of ice-skating that I'll always keep quiet
We made up so many stories, hoping that someone would buy it
I can clearly remember the day in March, we found out the horrible news
We couldn't believe what happened, he was too nice of a person to lose
I prayed that it'd never happen again, I hate seeing people in tears
Never once thinking that it would happen again in less than a year
Our junior prom was approaching-we had talked about this forever
What we wouldn't do to again have the eleven of us all together
The whole night went perfect, some would say it was like a dream come true
But then again so did every night, because we had everyone, especially you
School was ending and another summer was getting very near
We wanted it to be the best one before our last high school year
I remember the day I took you home; you didn't know what was about to be
But when we got there, Barb said, "Go downstairs"-it was your surprise party
And then after that, you were at my house just about every day
"Can I just sleep here tonight?" and happily I always said okay
I didn't think it could be possible, but closer we grew
I could never imagine living life without having you
You were always the bestest friend a girl could ask for, and nothing but
Being there for me, protecting me, sticking up for me no matter what
And we could never forget how you were our little softball M.V.P.
When people heard Bethann was playing, everyone came to see
You played catcher, right field, had your first hit, and made it to 1st base
I can still hear you yelling at the ump, I can still see the look on your face
And each week we had our sleepovers on every Thursday night
I'd do anything for another one of those, or even a stupid fight
And then came the 4th year of Myrtle Beach, we had so much fun
With Chloe and Allison, now I cannot believe it was our last one
That whole week went great, there was nothing I have to regret
Only because you were there, spreading love to everyone we met
We listened to my aunt lecture us about being careful in whatever we'd do
Saying that we had to realize reality-that something could happen to us too
Then me you & Chlo went to Our Lady Peace the week before school
It was your very first concert and you thought Audiovent was so cool
On that same night we made our senior year pact
And I swear Bethann we're sticking to it, it's a fact
Finally we became seniors, the year we waited for for so long
It was then that you declared "My Girl" to be our group's song
This year had to be the best, the others had flown by so fast
This was our last year, we promised that we would make it last
As the year started out, I didn't have one class with you
So you rearranged my schedule, and then I had two
This year was going perfect, the weekends were so much fun
Just being together, doing all the things we had normally done
I'll never forget one of the funniest nights we recently had
Telling Marc he caught "pneumacalatosis" he got so mad
I still always read a saved conversation from the 9th of September
The things that you said to me that night, I will forever remember
We were talking about you going to college many states away
But I told you that you couldn't do that, I needed you to stay
I feared that in college, after time we would somehow lose touch
But you said, "Aww Bethy, I won't leave you, I love you too much!"
You could always make me happy again, if I had a bad day
Even if it were just a hug, or the goofy things you would say
Then six days later we were at your house with nothing to do
I can still hear Barb saying how worried John was about you
Worrying that something bad would happen-he lost sleep at night
And now looking back, it's almost like he had some sort of insight
And then on that Thursday, it was me and Krista's 18th birthdays
You called me that morning and made it special in so many ways
We went to Chi-Chi's for lunch, and I still have the white rose you gave me
You were the most caring friend with the biggest heart, it was plain to see
The next day was Friday, another week of school was done
Not understanding what tragedy was soon about to come
You came to my house to get ready like always, I remember that whole night
I wish I could turn back the hands of time, so everything could turn out right
Asking if you looked okay, we said you looked more gorgeous than ever
That night held our last memories with you, we will cherish them forever
Laughing the whole way to the game, and singing "Like A Prayer"
Living like any normal teenager would, our world without a care
We were having so much fun, walking to the game hand in hand
Bethann we shared a friendship that no one can ever understand
Of course, the rest of the night went perfect-everything was fine
It kills me that we left that game seeing you for the very last time
After we left without you, I remember wishing that you were still there
For you not to be sleeping at my house on a Friday night was pretty rare
But we all went to sleep, planning to wake up with everything being okay
Not realizing the complete change of life we were about to make in one day
Unaware of the time, I woke up to my mom handing me the phone
Saying that it was Ashley, crying, the reason why was still unknown
Little did I know what her phone call was going to be about?
I just remember screaming in disbelief the second I found out
I thought I was still sleeping, and having the worst possible nightmare
I did not think God would take you away from us, how could He dare?
And for a few minutes I had myself convinced that it couldn't be true
I even called your cell phone that morning, with hopes of hearing you
It was September 21, 2002, the first day of fall
On that same day, we had somehow lost it all
I didn't know how we could go from inseparable to you not being there
It couldn't be possible, this isn't supposed to happen, and it just isn't fair
I tend to believe in the impossible, like you might come back someday
I continue to ask God to give you back to us, every single time I pray
Life has changed so much, I still don't believe it, I can't take the pain
I feel so alone without you, living a pointless life with nothing to gain
I try to remember all our good times, not concentrating on you being gone
Because those are what are so important, my memories keep you living on
I can't tell you enough how thankful I am that we became best friends
You still mean everything to me; a friendship like ours never ever ends
You will never be forgotten and my best friend, no one could ever replace
Our lives will never be completely happy again until the day I see your face
Like I said, who would have known that Rugrats Live had started it all?
Five years with an angel as my best friend, and a lifetime of memories from t
he greatest friendship of all